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For those that love nature, there is no equal experience to that of an Indian wildlife safari across the world. Naturalist, Photographer and senior guide, Tiger Bobby, hesitates to name his favourite wildlife and birding tour, but knows firmly that if he had just one nature tour left to go on, it would be a Indian Tiger wildlife safari. That is saying a lot for twenty-plus years of nature and adventure travel throughout the world.

What makes a Indian wildlife safari so special is best described in the multi-faceted superlatives of the country: abundant wildlife, sublime scenery, and the chance to see hundreds of large, colorful bird species along with the iconic mammals of the region: Tigers, lions, leopards, elephants and many more.

What is less obvious ahead of Indian wildlife safari, but so memorable afterwards, is the amazing hospitality of Indian people and their respect for nature and embrace of ecotourism expressed in a rich heritage of wildlife safari tourism.
What actually makes it all the more special is the personalized signature of Tiger Bobby in your wild life safari experience. Tiger Bobby, will personally escort you, adding his years of expertise , flair for photography and his key skills in wild life so that your journey becomes the journey of a life time.

Explore the website for more details and get in touch today with Tiger Bobby for a personalized specialized custom tailor made safari tour for you !

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Naturalist and photography enthusiast, Tiger Bobby has been designing, guiding, and organizing natural history and birding trips in Ranthambore, Rajasthan, and the western part of India since last 20 years.
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